About Us

We are the MARIDEC MARINE Co. Ltd. has been established in Mersin by 2 (two) partners who one of is Oceangoing Master and the other partner is Oceangoing Chief Engineer who have the 20 years’ experience in Maritime Sector. We serve you and your good vessel with qualified Engineers, Technicians and Personnel.

We are the supply and service company in region of Mediterranean Province (Especially Mersin, Adana and İskenderun Ports) and in İstanbul Ports especially Tuzla/İstanbul shipyard province. Our offices are located in Mersin and in Tuzla/İSTANBUL (shipyard province).

We support companies for general supplies, technical supplies and spare parts supplies, nautical supplies; repairing and maintenance service supports you with our approx. 150 m2 square workshop in Mersin and İstanbul and also for all condition and pre-inspection surveys and shipyard arrangements and consultation supports available.

We are here to offer CREATIVE SOLUTIONS for your vessels and companies.

Our Mission;

As MARIDEC MARINE, we aim to serve your good vessel in the fastest time and with the most economical way with our 20 years’ experience. We are with you with our qualified service and supply departments.


Our Vision

As MARIDEC MARINE, our vision is to provide and serve with the best quality which assembled with recent technological and legal developments in the maritime sector and the fastest way with CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to all our customers.